So yesterday WE GOT MARRIED!! Here’s a few guest photos. Totally blown away with how amazing it was 🤩 #culdeesweddingsandevents #lovehimsomuch
BEFORE & AFTER lovingly restored by team Culdees!  With a little help from @millercreativedesign @eahmouldings @richwelsh @connellydesigns #mydailyrenovation
Well here it is my finished Minton tile panel !! Reclaimed from the rubble and stored for the past two years I’ve waited a long time to get these back in their rightful place. I even had enough spare to start planning another small panel. My pulpit come table looks great in this space too. Joiner Steve gets to work on this next week along with other counter tops and cupboards. #culdeesrenovation #oak #mintontiles #chapel
Well here it is… the finished chapel floor 😍🙏🏻 #culdeesrenovation
Disaster struck!
As you are all aware we’ve been patching up the roof above the chapel for some time well aware that at some point we would need to replace it. 
After replacing all of the missing floors and supporting walls in the east wing we finally managed to inspect the roof from inside safely. 
It wasn’t good but with some props installed and a bit of graft we had it safe and watertight. However heavy snow and ice over Christmas and January took its toll and the roof slumped away from the stone walls! Only supported by our previous work. This was obviously now an emergency situation with a real risk of it causing more damage to the work we’ve already completed.
So with a gap in the weather we made the decision to stop all internal works with immediate effect to rip it off and replace. 🙈 Rob has had to get over his fear of heights and is very grateful for the two feet thick wall heads to walk on. Team Culdees has worked tirelessly for the past two and half weeks to get it replaced.. It’s blown our budget out of the water for the rest of the renovation in time for the weddings but essential works wont wait! 
We can’t give thanks enough to all of those involved in this emergency Reno. The suppliers at Stewart’s Building and Timber supplies and @ThornbridgeSawmills for sourcing special grade timber at ridiculous sizes in super fast time. Our Architect and poor structural engineer who I’ve been hounding daily for sketches and plans as we build faster than he can test and draw 🤣 sorry @allengordonllp

Anyway here’s to a new roofs, castle construction hero’s and progress. Now back to creating our wedding venue 😀 #notstressedhonestly #scottishwedding #scottishcastle #notallsuperheroeswearcapes #culdeesrenovation
Yesterday I started to lay the chapel floor! I’m in love with it already. New skill learnt for me with this as I’ve not laid floor tiles before but I don’t think I’m doing a bad job. Rob was only allowed to clean the tiles as I went as this project has been a huge labour of love for me from the start of reclaiming them for the rubble to this point. 🥰 #culdeesrenovation #mintontiles #floortiles #artoftheday
So the chapel is finished!! It’s been a year long love story that we are all thrilled with. I’m particularly in love with the @polyflorltd floor and love that our fitter has managed to create me an aisle fitting the flooring with a herringbone runway. It’s been so much work but so much fun too🥰 here’s our supplier list: 

Mouldings: @mdfstoreltd 
Plasterwork: @eahmouldings 
Paint: @farrowandball & @guildlane 
Stained glass windows: @richwelsh 
Oak beams: @thornbridge_glasgow 
Flooring: @polyflorltd. #culdeesweddingsandevents #culdeesrenovation @rhenderson_carpets
A little before and during just to spur us along 😆#culdeesrenovation #renovation #chapelconversion